Dear Partners:


Thank you for your attention and trust to Edong! If you have a strong competitive quality, delivery, and price, Congratulations! You can become a qualified supplier of Edong Technology , If you would like to get it through other channels, it's not only cause the waste of cost, and also will destroy Edong, We sincerely hope to build a clean, sunny commercial environment together with you , Therefore, Let us to come to an agreement on the following specifications:

I: The requirement for Suppliers:

1.1: Do not invite our staff to participate in your company's consumptive entertainment activity.

1.2: Do not give our staftt gifts, cash, securities, brokerage fees, commissions, rebates and various benefits.

1.3: Do not sell the private goods to our staff and make loans.

1.4: It is forbidden to ask our staff to peer related information and classified information.

1.5: It is forbidden for any activities detrimental to the interests of both of companys

1.6: Suppliers have the right and the obligation to report our staff of the corrupt behavior.

II: Penalties

If any of above provisions are violated, it will be handled as follows:

2.1: Regarding that suppliers had cooperated with us, all outstanding payment will be paid only 90% .

2.2: As for new suppliers, we will not built the cooperation relationship with them at least five years .

2.3: If the circumstances are very serious, we will unconditionally terminate the cooperation or submitthe judicial organs to settle.

If you can supply and meet our product requirements, Please register this platform, We will take the initiative to contact withyou, Meanwhile, Looking forward to your kind understanding that we could not reply one by one without the requirement of products.

Thanks for your attention again, and Sincerely wish your company better and faster development.

The Purchasing Department of Edong President Office

March 18, 2016