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EDONG has focused on providing consumer electronics and AI smart hardware for 23 years.

-          Business concepts: Creating profits, which is the prerequisite for sustainable development to both the enterprise and society. EDONG is committed to bringing the best products and services to our customers. We are dedicated to achieving the common interests of our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders, and strived for becoming one of China’s top enterprises.

-          Management principles: We respect the dignity and diversity of individuals, ensure fair competitions based on the law and ethics, respect and protect the intellectual property rights of companies and individuals, pursue management focused on shareholders’ value, and make efforts to improve our employees’ life qualities.

-          Core values: We care and pay great attention to the personnel training, strive to become the top enterprise in the industry and keep innovating, and commit to conducting business according to the law.


Formerly known as Eboda Technology was established

Developed China’s first generation of VCD players

Provided core technology for Changhong, BBK Electronics, SAST, and other well-known brands


Became the strategic partner with MediaTek

Developed the world’s first portable DVD player

Provided core technology and products to Best Buy, Walmart, Sanyo, Philips, and other well-known brands

Exported a total of 30 million DVDs from 2000 to 2010


Establishment of EDONG 

Developed LCD TV motherboard

Provided LCD TV motherboards for SVA and other customers at home and abroad

Shipped 10 million pieces accumulatively


Became the strategic partner with VIA Technologies

Developed the first generation of tablet PC

Signed an agreement with Google and became Google’s GMS certificated partner

Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Rockchips and MTK


Became the strategic partner with Intel

Developed 2-in-1 tablet PC with Intel

Provided tablet PC motherboard solutions for more than 30 brands worldwide

Shipped 16 million tablet PC motherboards worldwide from 2012 to 2016


Entered the field of artificial intelligence hardware

Developed the second generation of intelligent voice robot Qrobot with Tencent

Developed “Xiaomei” intelligent voice assistant with Gome

Developed smart refrigerators with Galanz

introduced several commercial display hardware solutions

Our Qualifications

Our Advantages

01  Product Development
Capabilities of the product’s scale development and testing
02  Quality Control
Capability of stable quality control
03  Supply Chain Costs
Capability of batch manufacturing cost control
04  Scale Support
Capabilities of large-scale supply chain support and mass production

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Room 1005, East Block, Phase 2, Innovation And Technology Plaza, Tianan Digital City, Futian District, Shenzhen